African Football (Soccer)

Everybody loves sporting competitions of various kinds. Well almost everybody.

However the sport with probably the most loyal fandoms is Associating Football, and African Football, which has become a global cultural phenomena distinct to itself, is the most exciting and innovative form of “soccer” in the world.

It has even become a critical battleground for anti – African forces such as the so called ACTSA – Action for Southern Africa, whose only function is to derail the Zimbabwe land and economic liberation movement. Thus, just as during the colonial liberation movement in the 20th century saw organizations such as the CPP and others organizing football teams to further the liberation and unification of Africa, so too, we see that the new colonialist headquartered in the US has seized on football and every other aspect of global African culture in a futile attempt to stop Pan-Africanism.

But, as we are confident of our victory we can use a few moments to watch some of the great history of the grand sport and cultural process known as African Football!

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