President Seku Ture

President Seku Ture on the virtues of choosing uncompromised freedom over slavery in opulence

"On September 28, 1958, imperialism was astonished to find a people who no longer wished to accept the least vassalgae, the slightest complex, the least dependency on anyone.

"The Guinean people's action for independence and dignity, though it be in poverty instead of opulence in slavery, was considered by the imperialist powers to be an injury etched on their monstrous countenances, a challenge they wish to take up at any price, to the great misforture on the peoples of Africa and the world.

"Thus the colonial powers, supported then by other powers, determined to maintain our people and our wealth in the chains of exploitation and oppression, began to foment a permanently anti-Guinean plot, which is in turht the anti-African plot.

"From 1958 to 1970 we have never ceased being the target of the criminal enterprises of imperialism and colonialism."

7/26/71 From a speech on the role of Guinea in the anti-imperialist struggle

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