The new rape of Africa continues to rampage

Theft and other crimes are committed against sovereign Africa every minute of every day, whether relating to matters of water use, land, ot air, it makes no difference. And although it is generally fronted by indigenous criminals working for the former colonialists and its allies, this gigantic criminal enterprise is essentially a function of western society. The very same society responsible (and proud of it ) for African chattel slavery, the brutal colonization of Africa and the continued neo-colonial offensive against Africa and her people.

These powerful but morally and criminally corrupt world elements seeking to dominate and keep Africa a slave continent, are among the most powerful entities in human history. However, their power is a diabolical power. So, when they pretend to pat you on the back they are really stabbing you in the back.

And of course these circumstances are exacerbated by the regionalism that is imposed on Africa by the UN, the World Bank, the UN, the IMF, the European, US and other allied states such as Japan, as well as individual monopoly capitalists such as Bill Gates and David Rockefeller. Just as Nkrumah warned, if Africa failed to unite, if Africa embraced the colonialist demands that they ignore continental governments and opt for ineffective, insane regional structures, the whole continent will remain enslaved with all that this means,

Look at the confusion this is causing this very moment, the Nile Valley areas of Africa are experiencing ongoing conflict about the use of that great River. For example, Egypt and Ethiopia have been in a consistent struggle over the Nile that almost led to a shooting war. There has been general attention among all the states attached to the Nile, particularly with the sources states such as Ethiopia, but including the Congo, Uganda, Sudan Rwanda has been barely avoided the last few years.

As one source described this great asset:

“ The Nile River is the world’s longest river (6,650 km or 4,130 miles) and a major north-flowing river in North-East Africa. The Nile River has two major tributaries: the White Nile and the Blue Nile. 80% of the water in Egypt comes from the Blue Nile and its Ethiopian highland source. The White Nile rises in the Great Lakes region of central Africa, with the most distant source in central Burundi. Its tributaries and lakes connect 10 countries to what is known as the Nile River Basin. They are: Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt.”

Now just imagine how powerful Africa would be if it united the Nile valley states would be able to depend on the great untapped water sources of the rest of the continent, as well as the area-specific capacity. This not only applies to the availability of more water, but also expertise and finance and commerce interaction.

In west Africa, southern and central, just as in the north and east, there are tensions largely artificially created by outside powers in the capitalist camp is everywhere and has spawned several wars and or rebellions….this explains the virtual world war being waged in Africa at this very moment.

The World Bank IMF, ECB, OECD, EU and US plans for Africa, whether talking about the disposition and utilization of the land especially agriculture and mining, the water, the vital home grown air international remissions system, energy, economics, governance, education, socialization processes, you name it, are all designed to continue to siphon Africa’s wealth into the coffers of the Rockefellers and Gates elements whose avarice and inhuman greed have already caused the deaths of millions, in collusion with their fellow highly placed gangsters.

We hope these four videos will help put their practice in context, as indeed they are develop by these very elements as a means of promoting their criminal schemes. Thus if we view and analyze them correctly we can use them to inoculate and isolate the epidemic political-economic plague called monopoly capital.

(See our Monopoly Capital book )

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