Information for social economic development

Innovation in global technological designs and development depends on the proper organizing of the global civilizations and its peoples. These very informative videos will demonstrate the innovative acumen of people. The videos on this page are all about how people actually take hold of innovation as a tool.

These are innovation examples that emphasize the creative and innovative genius of people. The individual videos all share the innovative spirit that has sparked human development and evolution since we first emerged as a force on the planet.

Charging phones with mud and fire

A Liter Of Light

Using 2 to 3 inches of annual rain to grow lush crops

This innovation twist on a traditional technique in India has helped farms grow lush crops even with only 2 or 3 inches of rainfall per year.

How to preserve and keep food fresh using a zeer pot clay fridge

A Zeer Pot - Off Grid Refrigeration

How to build a basic solar cooker

Air Conditioner without cost and electricity