Pan-African Perspective Video Library

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Select from the videos listed below to follow the ideological adventures of the world's greatest two-year-old Pan-African leader and her friends.

iHeart Pan-Africanism

In this video, iHeart Pan-Africanism, Abeni and her intrepid colleagues reinforce the importance of creating and nourishing our communalistic, modern scientific socialist political economy. These are precisely the kinds of social-economic constructs we need to correspond properly with our ancestral communalism, with our own rendering of scientific socialism. That is, we must organize ourselves, and then organize even more, until we are all united and under the protection of the African political global state, a state that has been described by the founders of Pan-Africanism such as Presidents Nkrumah, Presidents Ture and others, in many ways.

We need strong mass organizational roots, if we are to achieve our political-socialization goals — goals needed to construct the global African nation-state and socio-economy. This will be the basic structures of world-wide Pan-African security, all based on the history and philosophical personality of the African nation.

When we take back all our resources, and every other form of our property and rights, we will build a civilization that will shine just as those of the great polities of ancient Africa.

With modern science, and our compounding technical knowledge, we will be a great global super power.

We must organize, create innovative approaches to science and technology, and build security systems to sustain the nurturing environment required for the development of our people.

In this video we attempt to break the subject matter down into easily, useful, digestible, historical and philosophical concepts and processes.

Abeni's Dream

History points our way to victory. Abeni's dream is a function of how she sees the past and what she wants our future to be. Aided by her mother she embarks on a journey of discovery.

Project 2020

Abeni and her associates have launched a new phase of the Give Birth to a Nation plan and they've entitled it Project 2020. This video emphasizes the absolutely critical role of the African woman. Abeni and her colleagues elaborate on their plan of action to start the Pan-African nation building process.

Facing Reality

Abeni discusses the realities of African life and what we need to do to bring about change.

Global African Unity

Mass political organization is the key to our liberation and freedom. To achieve this we must raise our people's consciousness so we can unite and move forward.

What needs to be done

In this video, Abeni, and her intrepid colleagues, continue their campaign to build a Pan-African super state by the end of the African Union declared "African Women's Decade,". Abeni and Co. show us how we can properly organize ourselves into a powerful global political economy second to none.

Such a system is what we need to compete against, and collaborate with, any other state or system in the world. This is true Black Power as Nkrumah pointed out.

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African Commodities

Abeni, and her YPI instructor, Candace, help us better underst and explore the important role of African commodities, such as gold, oil, platnum, and others. In the process they demonstrate that the political future of Africa, and the quality of life of the global African citizenry, are closely linked. That is, the politics of Africa has to be completely in sync with the wishes and needs of the peoples of Africa, at home and abroad.

African Football

Abeni learns about the great cultural and specific socio-economic role African Football plays in contemporary African civilization. In the course of her discussion with YPI colleague and football enthusiast Nile, she discovers the wide role of this venerable sport. From the athletic prowess of the players, the creative enthusiasm of the fans and the financial, economic and general business attributes of the sport, the world of African Football is probably the most dynamic form of global football. All that is lacking is the necessary institutional vision and focus of Africa’s political leaders.

Just imagine if some one like Nkrumah was the leader of Africa today…the African Football world would dominate the global industry within a few years of the inception of Pan-Africanism.

The Babysitter

Abeni shows how the concepts of Pan-Africanism in a didactic and pedagogical form can be used to emphasize the importance of the history and philosophy of our people.

This video is dedicated to the courageous people of Soweto who in 1976 stood up for all of us.

Truth Crushed to the Earth
Shall Rise Again

Abeni and the Directorate expose an attempt to distort the role of Kwame Ture and the A-APRP in the struggle to build Pan-Africanism and defeat our global enemies. Our intrepid youth blast the lies about Kwame Ture's heroic organizing in the US and demonstrates the despicable diabolical depth some of the propaganda criminals are willing to stoop for money. They will tell blatant lies about the most sacred history of our heroic struggle against evil for a few coins.

Young Pioneers Institute (YPI)

Pan-African Culture is the dialectical product of the shared experiences and history of ALL the African peoples, at home and abroad. It is reflected in a shared history of oppression and exploitation countered by our peoples' valiant and selfless combat against the oppressors and exploiters. This is the essence of this particular Avenging Angel's video which is set in the context of Abeni, Nthandla, Nkosana and Olayinka's first Young Pioneer Institute congress.

The Plan

Abeni unveils her plan for reconstruction of Africa.

Mission Statement

Abeni issues her mission statement for these troubling times.

Unity and Revolution

Abeni and Nkosana present the historical case for unity, revolution, and Pan-Africanism guided by Nkrumahism.

Kwame Nkrumah's AAPRP
(All-African People's Revolutionary Party)

Abeni presents the case for Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's last political party, the All-African People's Revolutionary Party. She uses videos of both Dr. Nkrumah and his Political Secretary, Kwame Ture. and excerpts from Nkrumah's Handbook of Revolutionary War (which was written with the assistance of Amilcar Cabral of the PAIGC) to make her compelling case for the party. And in doing so, she reminds us of the absolute necessity to "build the party."

Smash Pan-TOMism

Abeni and the committee coin a new name for colonialist stoogies. With the help of Dr. King, Kwame Nkrumah, Kwame Ture and Malcolm X help to explain it. They also instroduce their new band.

Nationalize Everything

Abeni calls a press conference to explain what needs to be done to build a Pan-African state for our security and freedom.

African Renaissance

Abeni learns what is required to have an African Renaissance. She learns that the resurrection of Africa requires an understanding of our history, proper ideology and philosophy, plus disciplined organization

The Dream

Knowing your real enemy is primary. In the dream Abeni explains how to unmask the real evil doers.

African Queens

Abeni and her clan show how the African Woman can organize for unity. As usual, she has some good tips to offer.


Africa's Avenging Angels demonstrate their grasp of organizational concepts. Focusing on the post-world war two era of Pan-Africanism, they demonstrate the development of our struggle from the emergence of Nkrumah's glorious Convention Peoples Party to the contemporary era.

Our Gold

The directors produce and televise their first political education discussion. The discussion focuses on Africa's great wealth with an emphasis on its relationship to the worlds gold supply.

Africa's Avenging Angels

Abeni creates a central executive committee consisting of her main comrade Nkosana, her closest female comrade and friend Nthanda, and Nkosana's history expert, Olayinka. Together this intrepid band of children revolutionaries embark on a campaign to present African history and philosophy.

The Meeting

This delightful video introduces our heroine's best girl friend and explains how she became an item with the television talk show host. Along the way the Chairwoman of the board reminds us about our responsibility to build a Pan-African state and the deadline she and her colleagues have set for us.

My Main Comrade

The young leader and her closest friend collaborate to explain the history of colonial and neocolonial oppression and what has to be done.


Our intrepid little sister explains the situation Africans off the continent have to cope with. In so doing she explains the importance of African Union Government to Africans abroad.

Give Birth to a Nation in 2020

2010 to 2020 is the decade of African Women as declared by the African Union. Let's give birth to a Pan-African nation in 2020. Africa Must Unite.