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Mathematics has always been a critical component of African civilization. Without mathematics our people could not have built the marvelous structures that the world still gazes upon with amazement from the north of the continent to the south. Africans could not have parceled land for cultivation, conducted commerce, devised calendars, or developed astronomy. (Read about the African Astronomer Priestesses.)

The African Math videos explain the use of the African abacus and mathematical system. When we built the pyramids math, science and technology of the time were mastered and employed to create our great civilizations. We must master math, science and technology of today to move forward.

African Math

African Math #1

African Math #2

African Math #3

African Math #4

African Math #5

African Math #6

African Math 01

African Math 02

African Math 03

African Abacus

African Math 1 Year Later

We have always been great mathematicians. We need to learn the new techniques and technologies to bring our people into the space age.

These videos take you from basic mathematics to calculus. Math is fundamental to every science, technology and endeavor.

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Arithmatic Tutorials

Math Antics - What Is Arithmetic? (19 videos)

Whole Numbers and Place Value (46 videos)

Fractions Tutorials

Maths the Wacky Way - Fractions

Math Antics - Fractions Are Parts (16 videos)

Algebra Tutorials

Algebra Basics: What Is Algebra? - Math Antics (8 videos)

Basic Algebra Part 1 and 2

Maths the Wacky Way - Algebra

Geometry Tutorials

Math Antics - Points, Lines, & Planes (11 videos)

Trigonometry Tutorials

Math Antics - Points, Lines, & Planes

the BASICS of TRIGONOMETRY (Review and Tutorial)

Trigonometry (168 videos)

Trigonometry SOH CAH TOA (trigonometric ratios)

Calculus Tutorials

TEDx Talks: What is Calculus Used For?

Calculus -- The foundation of modern science

Calculus 1 (32 videos)


The fractals at the heart of African designs (TED Talk)