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The great African architect and physician, Imhotep was also the Pharaoh Djoser s chancellor and high priest of Ra he was the world’s first famous architect, engineer and physician, indeed the Romans considered him a god.

Indeed both of the dominant powers of the ancient Greeks and Romans worshipped our brother.

His titles were:

  • Chancellor of the King of Egypt
  • Doctor
  • First in line after the King of Upper Egypt
  • Administrator of the Great Palace
  • Hereditary nobleman, High Priest of Heliopolis
  • Builder, Chief Carpenter
  • Chief Sculptor
  • Maker of Vases in Chief

If we want to return to our once historic glory, we must emulate him and ignore the crap that our enemy foists on us.

All of our watotos are potential Imhoteps and it this is proved every day. But it will not happen if we as a people fail to absorbed the needed knowledge.

Architecture and art are frequently paired together in academia, because even though their visions are moving in opposite directions their artistry is based in the same physical reality. On the one hand, .Artists work from the real to the abstract, where as architects work from the abstract to the real.

Architecture in practice has always had a connection to sciences as well as art.


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