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2. Mobile organizers toolkit Part 2

If we are to realize the benefits that automation and cybernation offers, we have to pair our hard earned historical and cultural knowledge with all the other essential areas of human knowledge. To properly address a crisis in modern knowledge systems we have to give people the wherewithal needed to engage in both social institution driven and self- education. We have elected to present selected general academic and ICT knowledge assets based on our concepts of what would be a proper starting point for an incipient civilization which is slowly emerging from the chaos left in the wake of the intensification of the universal political economic cataclysm plaguing human society.

Clearly, a civilization that does not continually sharpen its scientific, technology and land resource management and utilization skills is a doomed civilization. On the other hand, one which does, will continue to improve itself from the youngest to the oldest, because this is the true face of human civilization and culture. Such a political-economic macro-system provides society with the inevitable rewards of a society that prospers only because all who contribute to the social-economic wealth must have equitable reward for their efforts.

However, it is not nearly enough to simply use mobile Information Communication Technology ( ICT ) as a didactic and pedagogical asset without some logical curricula focus. The optimal ICT approach involves examination of many areas. Today I have chosen app examples from five subject matter categories. These free mobile-based educational tools and work apps are available on Google Play. The areas covered by these apps are:

  • Database apps
  • Geography apps
  • Chemistry apps
  • Physics apps
  • Mathematics apps

Mobile-based apps

Memento DatabaseAll the apps described are free on Google Play. Google Play has many many apps that are free. You are sure to find an app that will assist you in your organizing efforts. Just search for the topic.As I mentioned in my first post, an organizer always needs an application that helps them keep track of information. I found an app called Memento Database. The great thing about it is that it allows you to select the type of data organizer you want. You can organize contacts, business cards, expenses, to do lists, grocery lists, or even create a custom database that fits your particular needs.

Quiz AfricaAfrica Quiz is a geography app which tests your knowledge of African flags and capitals. It also test your knowledge of African geography by asking you to find a country on a map. Organizers can use this app to inform and entertain as they expand our peoples knowledge of the land.

Chemistry HelperAnother great educational app is called Chemistry Helper. It contains the complete periodic table of elements, a tool to calculate molecular masses of compounds, a table of polyatomic ions, constants, solubility rules, tools for calculating molarity and volume of solutions, plus tools for converting between the units commonly used in chemistry. It was designed as a quick reference for chemistry students.

Learn PhysicsPhysics is another critical subject and the Learn Physics app helps users understand physics easily and fast with core concept tutorials, formulas calculator and quizzes.

Math -- mathematics is easyI talked about a math app last time, but I found another that I think is very good, so I thought I would mention it too since mathematics is the foundation language of science, technology, medicine and many other fields of endeavor. The app is called Math -- mathematics is easy. With one phone and these apps many can be organized and educated. Use the technology we have in our hands to liberated our people.

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For those of you interested in creating your own apps, whether for free distribution or to make money, youll want to look for our next post. We are going to explore a new desktop application that allows you to create mobile apps and has a facility to build and send them to the appropriate app store. You can create for Android as well as iPhone with one build. We must learn to develop our own mobile apps to facilitate the broader advance of our peoples and component cultures.

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