Organizers' Toolkit

1. Mobile organizers toolkit Part 1

We know that the failure to organize will only benefit those who want us to be global paupers and victims for eternity. From the streets and mines of Azania, to the yards of the African ghettos in the UK and the US, the mark of the imperialists is evident. To counter these destructive attacks we must organize on a global scale to counter these destructive efforts and build a state that will protect us, no matter where we stand on the planet. If we are to prosper in our endeavors aimed at global nationhood, we must be conversant with the application of modern information and communication technology. Each and every organizational agency is a function of the efficacy and content of its internal information and general knowledge.  These measures can be used in a social manner that encourages communal collaboration.  A collaboration which would lead to a greater sharing of knowledge on a Pan-African scale and scope.  Which is our optimal zone of development (Nkrumah, Consciencism). Mobile phone based systems are a fact of life and we should use them in a manner that serves our needs on a global scale and scope.

Mobile technology, a computer in your hand

Mobile communication is the most effectively used communication system in Africa; and of course this also makes an excellent conduit for Pan-African global communication, which has implications for economics, politics, social and our global culture generally. So we need to build a strong global phone network we can use for communication where ever we are in the world. For the people who have smartphones we can essentially turn each one of them into a handheld computer which can receive, distribute photos, sound, videos and the like, in addition to the standard voice and texting utilities.

So this blog will be dedicated to two things, perfecting our general communications of information in every form, verbal, song, dance whatever, and tying this to the perfection of our mobile based global communication system. In this way we will be able to increase our political, social and economic power across the planet. Our fate is in our hands. We have the tools. We must do for ourselves on a global basis.

With that short background, let’s get down to brass tacks.  Don’t worry it won’t be painful.

  • Objective Create a global team that can organize using mobile communication devices. The pervasive use of mobile technology is our avenue to reach the masses of our people if we are creative.
  • Advantage The advantage to this approach is that it provides a solution that is readily at hand. There are numerous free apps available on Google Play that will allow us to enhance our efforts.

In the following discussion, all the apps are Android based and all the apps described are free. Start by getting access to Google Play so you can install apps on your mobile device.

Classic NotesBegin searching for apps that will help in the area you wish to concentrate. One common function we will all have is keeping information of one type or another. After searching for notes apps and testing a few, I decided to use Classic Notes Lite + which is a free note taking app. Using Classic Notes Lite + you can create notes, to do lists, and shopping lists. You can even draw sketches. Here is a small sample of its features:

  • Export notes as text to SD card
  • Import / Export CSV as todo, checklist, shopping list,
  • Export to Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.
  • Share notes socially through facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Create backups on the fly
  • Text to Speech audio playback of notes
  • Add notes to Google Calendar – Set reminders and events for specific notes
  • Add notes to status bar
  • Create Home Screen shortcuts

MathHelper LiteWe can also begin to educate using our mobile devices. A good example is the math app called Math Helper Lite, also free on Google Play. Math Helper is an assistant app for solving mathematical problems for Algebra I, Algebra II and Calculus.

AfricaThe Africa Map Puzzle serves a dual purpose.   It reinforces African geographic literacy and also provides a bit of challenging recreation.  Africa Map Puzzle app provides digital puzzle pieces corresponding to the political map of Africa.  You tap the pieces to move it onto the playing board. Once the piece appears on the playing board you can move the piece into its proper position. It will automatically lock when you get to the correct spot.

These are just a sample of what you can find. Search for the organizing tools you need. You’re sure to find many that fit the organizing task you need to support.


In UNITY the African women will do great things for our people. We will do so because our present and future depends on how we build our own app stores, train our children, regulate our society's overall cultural health and all the other things we need to facilitate the acceleration of our development as a global power.  With our dynamic systems approach to the rendering of our ancient knowledge, we will be able to use creative communication means to improve radically our political clout across the globe, exponentially expand our social-economic capital and in so doing enhance every aspect of everything we do in the building of a better life for our global national and cultural demographic and psychographic niche.

As more of our people become both ICT liberate and conscious of positive action, the more dynamic our political economy, and the more vibrant our global society in every measurable aspect. A luta continua Africa Must Unite