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Understanding the information technology is fundamental to both the development and the advancement of the African nation. This page provides information on the technologies required to rapidly and unalterably changing and enhancing our society. Here you will find instructive tools to help you achieve competency in various applications, such as Google Docs, Adobe Premiere and Microso Excel. It also contains information for development languages like HTML, PHP, and JavaScript

Africans must master information technology if we are to control our land, build a powerful nation and secure our future. Brothers like Philip Emeagwali are leading the way.

Web languages

HTML Tutorial for Beginners (29 videos)

HTML5 Tutorial For Beginners (14 videos)

Learning HTML5 (17 videos)

HTML Basics Part 1

HTML Basics Part 2

HTML5 and CSS3 beginners tutorial (40 videos)

CSS Tutorial for Beginners (79 videos)

W3Schools CSS Syntax Tutorial (26 videos)

JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners (96 videos)

JQuery Tutorial for Beginners (45 videos)

PHP Tutorial for Beginners(19)

PHP & MySQL Tutorial (69 videos)

XML Basics -- for Beginners

Mobile tools

jQuery Mobile Tutorial (6 videos)

jQuery Mobile Web App Tutorial (33 videos)

Mobile Development, Tools, and Strategies

Production tools


The Complete Beginners Guide To Adobe Illustrator (20 videos)

Adobe Illustrator CC tutorials for beginner (124 videos)

The ULTIMATE Guide to ADOBE ANIMATE CC! (AKA Flash) (26 videos)

Adobe InDesign For Beginners (14 videos)

The Complete beginners guide to Adobe Photoshop (34 videos)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Tutorial (15 videos)

Adobe Premiere Pro: Advanced Transitions (5 videos)


Google Drive Tutorial #1

Google Drive Tutorial #2

Google Docs Tutorial

Google Docs - Tutorial (11 videos)

Google Sheets Tutorial

Google Sheets - Tutorial

Google Apps Templates


Microsoft Access 2016 Tutorial (30 videos)

Microsoft Excel 2016 Tutorial (35 videos)

Excel 2016 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide on Excel for Anyone

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial (10 videos)

PowerPoint 2016 Beginners Tutorial (10 videos)

Microsoft Project 2016 Tutorial (25 videos)

Microsoft Word 2016 Tutorial (15 videos)

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Tutorial (42 videos)

Word 2016 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Word for Anyone

Microsoft Visio Tutorial (3 videos)